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Leading an Elite Sales Organization – What Top Leaders Are Doing Right Now

Mar 01, 2017 1am CST

The best sales leaders do one thing really well – They know how to ensure their reps have as much time as possible to actually sell. Join this GrowthPlay webinar to learn two easy actions you can take right now that will help you create and sustain a team of top sales talent and more …

The Sales and Service Training Shift: Technology’s Impact on Effective Learning Methods

Feb 15, 2017 12pm PST

Join Byron Matthews, CEO of Miller Heiman Group, and Sam Herring, CEO of Intrepid Learning, for an engaging discussion on the best practices for effective and engaging learning programs for sales and service people who can’t afford wasted time away from the job …

How Sales Can Have a Positive Influence on Customer Service

Feb 06, 2017

Businesses have a tendency to view customer service as something that only occurs post-sale, but customers do not see it this way, and view every interaction with your organization as “customer service.”

5 Reasons Why Sales Management Training can Fail

Jan 17, 2017

Monika Götzmann, EMEA Marketing Director from Miller Heiman Group shares her insight and thoughts on five reasons why sales management training can fail.

Blog Insights for the Week

Engaged Leaders, Engaged Employees

by Cassie Goh, ELAvate

A good deal of successful leaders recognise engagement as a critical element to organizations’ success. So what does “employee engagement” truly mean? How do we define it? What are the best practices that builds a highly engaged workforce?

The Laws of High Trust Selling

by Michael Griffin, ELAvate

Back in the late 2000’s, Todd Duncan wrote an interesting book called High Trust Selling. This book is a creative tribute by Todd to Dr. John Maxwell who had mentored him in leadership. Todd and John, like ELAvate, believe the foundation of all successful sales people is ethical leadership.

Character, Competence and High Performance Leadership

by Tom Rose, AchieveForum

We see a breathtaking visual reminder of the importance of competence and character in this NASA photograph of a space walk. In our recent research leadership*, we discovered that high performance in more typical workplaces also leverages these two attributes. This observation promoted…

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