TTI Success Insights

About Us

“Produce more with fewer employees and resources for customers who demand more for less.” – Bill Bonnstetter

TTI Success Insights is dedicated to helping organizations meet the challenges of today’s marketplace. For years, TTI Success Insights has partnered with consultants and other business professionals to provide validated and reliable assessments to the corporate environment. Business professionals have proven our assessments can make a positive difference in an individual’s personal and professional life throughout the United States and the world.

TTI Success Insights products incorporate the works of Dr. Carl Jung “Psychological Types” Dr. William Marston “Emotions of Normal People” and Dr. Eduard Spranger “Types of Men”.

Our Founders

Bill J. Bonnstetter and his son, Dave Bonnstetter, founded Target Training International in 1984. Target Training International is responsible for the development, research and validation of the assessment tools that TTI Performance Systems markets in the United States and Canada. Bill is Chairman of the Board, while Dave is CEO of Success Insights, Inc., the international distribution company.

Bill’s in-depth research has advanced the science of assessing behaviour, values and personal talent, while the software programs authored by Dave transform Bill’s knowledge into a compatible tool for today’s workplace. Combining the skills and efforts of father and son, the two have created over 30 personal development and self-management programs to help maximize the potential of individuals in the workforce.

Our Leadership

TTI Success Insights is the global distribution company for Target Training International, Ltd. Together, TTI’s senior leadership team embodies nearly 100 years of experience in the assessment industry.

Bill J. Bonnstetter, Chairman of the Board

Bill J. Bonnstetter is the founder and chairman of Target Training International and TTI Success Insights, and is considered one of the pioneers in the assessment industry because of his significant contributions to the research and study of human behavior.

Dave Bonnstetter, Co-Founder of Target Training International

The technical mind behind two companies and three patents, Dave Bonnstetter’s experience, knowledge and expertise in software development have positioned TTI as a leader in using technology to develop and test new research-based theories in human behavior and to enhance existing assessment tools springing from that research.

Ashley Bowers, President of TTI Success Insights, Domestic Distribution – US and Canada

Ashley Bowers is president of the domestic division (including the US and Canada) of TTI Success Insights, the leading provider of research-based assessment solutions designed to help businesses and organizations effectively meet their human resource needs, and has been with the company since 1996.

Rick Bowers, President of TTI Success Insights, International Distribution

Rick Bowers is president of the international division of TTI Success Insights, the leading provider of assessment-based performance solutions worldwide. In 1988, Bowers joined the team at Target Training International, the developer of Success Insights’ research-based assessments.