Who We Are

Learning Solutions That Transform Strategy Into Success in Asia

ELAvate Vietnam is the world’s leader in helping organizations translate business strategy into business results through people. For nearly 20 years,  we have been on the cutting edge of developing learning-based solutions that focus on skill and attitude training and consulting services in Sales Performance, Leadership Development, Teamwork, Customer Loyalty, Presentation Skills and Corporate Performance.

We are a total solution provider, from planning, assessing, implementing, coaching and reinforcement. We use Kirkpatrick model to assist customers in getting measurable behavioral change and bottom line results from ELAvate Vietnam training and consulting interventions.

Strategy to Results through People

We help you make the connection that moves your organization from strategy to results…through your people. Our consulting services clarify your strategic direction and identify gaps in employee performance. Our skills training fill those gaps in the vital areas of sales performance, customer service, leadership and teamwork.

How We Achieve Results at AchieveGlobal India

At ELAvate Vietnam, we see people as the key to business success. Until people take action, goals and strategies are nothing but words. Results come from individuals, equipped with the right skills, energized to do the right activities at the right time.

How do things get done in an effective, efficient organization? First, business leaders define the result they want to achieve, then ask, “What needs to happen to bring about the result?” The answer, whether simple or complex, is the strategy a carefully devised plan of action to bring about the desired result.

Next, senior leaders and middle managers direct the practices and processes to develop the capability in the individuals, processes and systems to implement the strategy.

Finally, individuals deliver results through productive behaviors. They take appropriate and timely actions supported by knowledge, commitment, and ability and things get done.

ELAvate Vietnam

ELAvate extended its regional capability to include Vietnam in 2009.  With the Vietnamese Business License granted, and skilled implementation of local resources, ELAvate Vietnam has already proven itself a worthy member of the ELAvate team.

With World Class training and development deliveries in the Health Care, FMCG, Energy, Banking, Real Estate, Insurance, and other business sectors, ELAvate Vietnam is here to stay in support of both existing and new clients, and to establish a new standard for learning, human resource development, and productivity improvement in Vietnam.

Sales Performance

Achieving Superior Sales Performance™ provides a systemic approach to building your sales organization and increasing effectiveness at every level. ELAvate Vietnam approaches the organization at four management levels, each requiring different development needs. The levels are then divided into skill areas each containing one or more training modules.

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Leadership Development

The Genuine Leadership™ system provides a systemic approach to leadership development one that builds a motivated, loyal workforce capable of reaching new levels of productivity. The system develops leaders from executives to individual contributors and teaches the critical skills needed to ensure success.

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Customer Service

Achieving Stellar Service™ Experiences is a comprehensive training system designed to provide a range of critical service skills vital to customer satisfaction and loyalty and to organizational success.

The system’s modular design allows participants to learn a range of skills foundational, situational, supportive, organizational, and strategic in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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Corporate Performance

ELAvate Vietnam works with many organizations to provide proven, scalable, and repeatable Performance Strategies and Processes that produce real results. Whether it be Setting Vision, Mission, Values, or Strategy Mapping, Balanced Scorecards, Goal Setting, Leadership Succession, Process Improvement, Innovation and Problem Solving methods, or  Leadership Training and Team Building Training,  ELAvate Vietnam can improve organizational performance. Our past successes have included organizations in the Banking, Manufacturing, Insurance, Services and Non profit sectors.

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Talent Management

The systematic attraction, identification, development, engagement, retention and deployment of individuals to any organization is becoming more critical. Employees who perform in their “Strength Zone” meaning in the right job at the right time with the right skill and motivation, are a competitive advantage. We at ELAvate Vietnam, with the support of our Affiliate Partners, can help your organization attract, retain, train and motivate your high value employees to achieve your mission and vision in this highly competitive world. Explore with us how to make talent management a differentiator in your industry or market.

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How We Evaluate Training Results

ELAvate Vietnam conducts evaluations to describe both the implementation of training and the outcomes achieved. We use the information about the implementation of training and early indicators of goal achievement to identify ways to improve the training initiative and the ultimate results. We measure outcomes by comparing post-training performance to pre-training levels of performance and performance by groups not participating in the training, or agreed upon objectives or criteria.

ELAvate Vietnam provides Level 1 tools to evaluate:

  • The learner’s readiness for training
  • The perceived value of the course and the learning experience
  • The support for applying skills in the work environment

In addition ,ELAvate Vietnam provides standard tools for addressing the most common outcome evaluation concerns learning (Level II), the application of learning (Level III), and the impact of behavior change (Level IV).

All of our evaluation tools are available in paper and electronic formats. Our behavior change (Level III) evaluation tool is also available in an online Web-based format. The online tools are easy to access and manage and offer quick and timely reports of results. Paper-based versions are selected most often by customers who don’t have access to the Internet or who are simply more comfortable with the “paper-and-pencil” method. If you choose a combination of the two formats, we provide a seamless integration of reporting to ensure the accuracy of your results.

ELAvate Vietnam has established a solid reputation for delivering results to our customers. The same philosophy underlies our evaluation practice. Whether conducting a needs assessment, monitoring the implementation of an initiative, or evaluating the outcomes, we seek to actively and productively involve our customers.

For Assessments we have alliances with world class organizations, TTI Success Insights and HR Chally group.


Our classroom-based workshops and modules include a variety of skills training and practice. Even so, many organizations recognize the value of additional practice opportunities after some on-the-job application. For the majority of ELAvate Vietnam programs, we offer a Skills Practice session facilitator guide a fully scripted lesson plan for a repeatable, classroom-based, one hour follow-up skills practice session. In addition, each guide includes tips and best practices on how to conduct skills practice sessions using collaborative software.

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