Sales Training Programs

Drawing on decades of research and consulting experience, Achieving Superior Sales Performance® was developed to be the industry standard in sales performance improvement. The system features more than 20 programs that directly address both tactical and strategic selling skills needed at every level within your organization to ensure lasting sales success.

Using this systemic approach, ELAvate Vietnam approaches the organization at four levels, each requiring different unique development needs. The levels are then divided into skill areas, each containing one or more training and consulting solutions for strategic selling.


Executives DEFINE leadership vision

Strategic selling is based on the premise that the sales strategy is clearly understood and consistently executed by everyone in the organization. How do sales force automation, performance management, compensation, development, selection, and other key processes and systems help support achievement of the strategy?

Our sales training consultants work with the executive level of your organization to ensure that your sales solution effectively achieves lasting results — for your customers and for your organization. Because your situation is unique, we tailor our approach, leveraging your strengths and addressing the critical issues.

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Senior managers DIRECT resources to transform the vision to action.

Strategy owners need to look closely at the organization’s processes for creating and deepening relationships with customers and ensure that they are defined and communicated. They should also be in alignment with the kinds of relationships desired. After all, strategic selling has as much to do with determining who not to sell to.

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Managers DEVELOP others.

Sales managers are responsible for developing the individuals on their teams to make sure that they will be capable of achieving and maintaining the desired customer relationships. Managers need collaborative coaching skills and tools in order to properly assess and develop their people on an ongoing basis. Consultative selling skills are taught through a combination of instruction, role play, self-directed training and peer review.

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Individual contributors DELIVER organizational results.

Salespeople need skills to help them deliver on promise of needs — satisfaction selling — the skills which help build relationships from sales call to sales call and guide customers and prospects through the sales cycle. This requires understanding clients’ market strategy and business issues, their personal needs and their future directions, as well as account mapping, post-sales service, and ongoing support. As one of the most awarded sales training companies, our specialty is turning your sales associates from professional visitors to trusted advisors.

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