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Achieve Insight: Breathing Life into Decision Making

by Michelle Bonterre
Each month, AchieveGlobal hosts an online poll through our eNewsletter, Achieve. In October, our survey asked, “How would you describe your organization’s decision-making style?” More than half of those who participated in the poll said that their organization’s decision-making style was participatory, where employees have a say, but one person makes all the decisions.

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Achieve Insight: Conflict in the Workplace

by Michelle Bonterre
Thomas Paine, noted for his political activism and revolutionary ideas, is often quoted as saying, “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” Of course, this does not mean that we should strive to create conflict that is difficult to resolve. Paine, in his wisdom, recognized that when the stakes are high, conflict can seem severe.

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Culture of Diversity

by Dr. Ron Bonnstetter
We know diversity builds stability in biological ecosystems. In a similar manner, the concept of teams is promoted in the business world, but why? What makes a team any better than one strong leader with a vision? The answer requires a little more understanding of decision-making and the role of confirmation-bias in our daily lives.

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No One Said Organizational Change Will Be Easy. They Said it’s Worth It

by Sharon Daniels
In order for organizations to truly be change-ready, executives and teams who are steering towards a new direction must consider the impacts – not only on workflows and processes – but on the employees executing the change. To successfully manage an organizational change, carefully regard these “Three Hallmarks of Change”.

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Worldwide Trends in Employee Retention Report

by Huntley Manhertz, Jr., Ph.D.
Whether you're thriving in a rapidly expanding bull market or floundering to escape the grips of a bear market, attracting and retaining talented employees is key to long-term success. In this research study, AchieveGlobal explored why workers leave their jobs, how such attrition impact businesses and what can be done to minimize it.

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Workforce Development

by Keith Malo
Those familiar with workforce development initiatives in the United States today will understand the difficult task of presenting a clear and crisp picture of these efforts. Workforce development efforts along with the simultaneous activities of pre-existing independent consortia and networks that occasionally overlap with each other’s endeavors, have created a patchwork of systems.

Trompenaars Hampden Turner

When Two Worlds Collide

by Trompenaars Hampden Turner
Fons Trompenaars and Peter Woolliams examine the strategic task facing organizations in generating value through cross border acquisitions, mergers and alliances.

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The Sound of One Hand Clapping – How to Avoid Training with no Impact (SIP)

by Mike Smith
In today’s economy - with its shrinking resources and expanding global reach—leaders face challenges unheard of 10 years ago. How can any one company be as quick as a start-up, as comprehensive as a multinational, and as cutting-edge as a pure vertical player?

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The Conversational Presentation

by Communnispond
Most business presentations consist of a presenter putting a slide up on a screen, reading to the audience what's on the slide, then putting up another slide.

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Talk Your Way to the Top

by Mr. Daley and Laura Daley-Caravella
We have a saying at Communispond: “Every business challenge is a communications challenge.” At first, it may sound like one of those simple “So what?” axioms, often heard in the business world, that are impossible to disagree with because it’s impossible to find any deeper meaning behind them.

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Strategic Resourcing of Training & Development

by Allyson Agostino, Lilanthi Ravishankar, Darlene Russ-Eft, Alexandra Lang, Vicki Thompson, Charry Palmer
Outsourcing non-essential business functions has proven to be an effective technique for achieving competitive advantage in today’s crowded marketplace. Almost immediately, outsourcing can improve the vitality of an organization’s bottom line by reducing fixed costs and capital investments.

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Resurrecting The Work Ethic – Improving Performance in line and Staff Support Workers

by Craig Perrin and Amy Avergun
At a time when fully-empowered knowledge workers are so highly valued in today’s organizations, the future of line and staff-support workers is not nearly as rosy. They build the products, keep the equipment running, do the routine paperwork, interact directly with the customer— in short, they perform the thousands of tasks without which no organization can prosper.

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Principles of Persuasion

by Communispond
What does it take to advance in a business career? When asked, most people tell us there are three ingredients to career advancement: 1) have the right skills, 2) work hard, and 3) be in the right place at the right time.

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Need for Basic Work Skills Training

by AchieveGlobal
Employers today are challenged with finding and retaining individuals who possess a basic understanding of “how to be a good employee.” Researchers and companies repeatedly have found that organizations need to train people not only in technological and vocational skills, but also in fundamental workplace skills.

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Living Your Vows in a Whirlwind Economy

by Seleste Lunsford
In today’s economy, selling needs to be more like a marriage and less like a whirlwind romance. The concept is pretty basic: Predictable long-term revenue growth requires enduring, mutuallybeneficial customer relationships. The challenge lies neither in grasping that point, nor in popping the question, but in doing what it takes to live up to your vows.

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Invasion of the Tire-Kickers

by Seleste Lunsford and Craig Perrin
Successful sales organizations weather tough times with thoughtful initiatives, skilled salespeople, and healthy client relationships.

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How to Thrive Emerging Era (Impact)

by Oren Harari and Nicholas Imparato
“We are out at sea, having pushed away from one shore yet still a distance from the other side. Like sailors who can’t see their destination but can still see the shore they have just left, we are pulled by memories of the security and familiarity we once experienced. In the face of this reluctance, success rests in going forward,” say Oren Harari and Nicholas Imparato, in Jumping the Curve. Here, Harari offers some astute observations on customer service and changing strategic imperatives.

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Creating a Climate for Creativity (Impact)

by AchieveGlobal
Roger Firestien, Ph.D., answers this question in his new book, Leading on the Creative Edge. “Creativity isn’t just for artists and musicians,” he observes. “It’s a strategic business weapon, and it’s crucial to gaining and maintaining a competitive edge.

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Virtual Meetings

by Communispond
People still tell a story, perhaps apocryphal, about the early days of automobiles. At that tentative beginning of the transportation revolution, there were only two horseless carriages in the entire city of Topeka, Kansas. Somehow, improbably, they managed to crash into each other.

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Managing Diverse Workforce Culture

by Moran and Stockon’s
People are a vital resource in any organization. Every employee brings a unique combination of background, heritage, gender, religion, education and experiences to the workplace. Wise managers know how to tap into this rich source of new ideas and intellectual vitality.

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Creating Problem Solving Culture – Exploring Problem Resolution in the Worplace

by Mark Marone, Ph.D. and Chris Blauth
Today, problem solving is no longer an exclusive responsibility of those occupying the executive suite. As new and complex business challenges become more widespread, everyone in the organization is undertaking the duty and responsibility of solving workplace problems.

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Creating a Change-Capable Workforce

by Linda Moran, Ph.D. and Chris Blauth
Change as a central element in an organization’s survival strategy needs little elaboration. Most organizations today are contemplating or implementing one or more change initiatives-whether incremental or radical-involving the whole organization or selected parts, conceived to block threats or seize opportunities.