Success Stories

Some of the Clients for which ELAvate Vietnam has helped transform strategy to results.

Abbott Nutrition Vietnam

Detailing in the nutrition industry is increasingly competitive with many new entrants being available at lower rates and companies adopting unethical practices to detailing. Abbott Nutrition Vietnam’s Medical Representatives have to constantly work to maintain their consultative image of their medical team in the marketplace. Their commitment to training their people in ELAvate’s detailing programs like Professional Detailing Skills and Professional Detailing Coaching has resulted in Abbott Nutrition building a medical team that has been a point of differentiation for them in the marketplace. By taking an advisory role, doctors and pharmacists have grown to trust and rely on them.

Nestle Nutrition

ELAvate Vietnam worked with Nestle Nutrition in implementing global sales training project. We worked with Nestle Head Quarter to the roll out of Professional Detailing Skills and Professional Detailing Coaching. In order to further develop Nestle medical Delegates and support them in becoming Trusted Nutrition Advisor of the Health Care Professionals they visit.

Shell Vietnam

ELAvate Vietnam worked with Shell Vietnam in implementing a regional sales training project. The organization goal was to increase the volume of sales and able to sell at premium prices. With proposed sales training programs such as Professional Selling Skills, Professional Sales Coaching, Winning Account Strategies with a healthy mix of generic and custom examples, Shell Vietnam’s needs was addressed and value was added to the training.

Virbac Vietnam

Founded in 1968 by a France veterinarian, Virbac is dedicated exclusively to animal health. Virbac has it presence in more than 100 countries with more than 3000 employees. With Virbac Vietnam’s perspective, it’s tremendous that its salespeople were equipped with the right selling skills. The sales force was trained with Professional Selling Skills, followed by Professional Sales Coaching for their Sales Managers. Perhaps the greatest measure of success has been how readily Sales Managers have got behind the initiatives to make them successful. The intervention has been followed by continuous field coaching by Sales Managers.