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Success Stories - ELAvate Global

Success Stories


Selling in the Pharmaceutical industry is increasingly competitive with many new entrants, generic drugs are available at lower rates and many companies use unethical practices to sell. Galdermas has to constantly work to maintain their consultative image of their sales team in the marketplace. Their commitment to training their people in ELAvate India’s sales programs like Professional Selling Skills, Professional Sales Coaching and Sales Performance Tool Kit has resulted in Galderma building a Sales team, that has been a point of differentiation for them in the marketplace, and have been taking a advisory role, where doctors trust and rely on them.

Tata Motors

Tata Motors has tremendous growth plans. Their Dealer network is going to double in the next year and a JV with FIAT, coupled with the launch of a budget car has introduced new market segments for them. Tata equip their new and existing  dealers with the leadership skills to manage the new strategic changes, cater to new customer segments, manage performance and achieve results at a dealership level.

Reliance Mutual Fund

The mutual fund industry has becoming growingly competitive and commoditized with sales people being the only point of differentiation. Reliance MF identified the need to build long term customer loyalty and manage key accounts effectively. With interventions, it helped build a team of world class sales managers, to be differentiators in the mutual fund market and speak a common language. Their operations team were also equipped with problem solving and core leadership skills.

Maersk India

Maersk India serves its customers through a network of offices and container terminals in more than 100 countries. They realized the need to strengthen customer-focus and have every service providers communicate consistently and sensitively with the customer. Maersk India worked at becoming a world class service experience provider. After training, their front line service providers they built a coaching culture to reinforce customer centric behavior.

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited employs around 11,500, has 49 sales offices that are supported by a network of over 780 dealers across the country. Mahindra recognized the need to build a customer oriented team who achieved superior service standards consistently across the nation. Service training programs helped Mahindra in achieving the same.


  • Over 20,000 Dell India professionals were trained on a two-day Customer Handling Skills program.
  • DSat score dropped from 32% to an all time low of 13% within 2 weeks of training
  • DSat rates averages out to 16% without any compromise on AHT(Average Handling Time) and other key metrics
  • A drop of 1% in DSAT saved Dell about US$ 400,000 per day globally
  • ELAvate India was awarded with a bonus on account of us meeting Dell training outcomes.


  • ‘Selling Skills for Bankers’, among several other programs, resulted in +50% increase in retail bank sales and 66% increase in cross sales
  • Bank showed considerable improvement in customer satisfaction, cycle time, sales revenue
  • Program was recognized by ICICI Bank while winning the ASTD Award in 2004.


BCA has been a long term partner with ELAvate Indonesia since 1997. The Selling Skill for Bankers program is a mandatory class for every Account Officer BCA recruited each year. Selling Skill for Bankers teach the bankers how to be a consultative one rather than transactional which is short term. Promote need satisfaction selling process and even cross selling to boost up the sales.

John Crane

ELAvate Indonesia did Professional Selling Skills class for John Crane Indonesia. Shaping up the way of selling by practicing need satisfaction selling concept, which leads to, trusted advisor. Now the John Crane sales team has the new perspectives on approaching the clients with more consultative style.

KPP Group

KPP Group is our client since 2011. ELAvate Indonesia delivered first training of Supervisory Skills, and then we made training curriculum of Leadership, Service and Assessment for KPP Group from staffs level to Upper Management. This year, training curriculum for KPP Group focus to Hotel Bumi Segah, a KPP Group. We are not only delivering training but also as a consultant, giving consulting to the Hotel Management in order to develop all employees and to give motivation to them in doing daily activities.

Trakindo Utama

Trakindo is the authorized dealer in Indonesia for Caterpillar products, the world’s largest manufacturer of mining, forestry, agriculture and construction equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial engines and generator sets and has been a long term partner with ELAvate Indonesia. We certified their internal trainer for Professional Selling Skills so they can deliver the program for their internal Sales. Besides Sales Training, ELAvate Indonesia also delivers Leadership training for Trakindo Group .

Triputra Group

In order to cultivate world class executives, general managers and managers, Triputra Group as one of the largest conglomerate groups in Indonesia hand in hand with ELAvate Indonesia conducting TEP (Triputra Executive Program), TGMDP (Triputra General Manager Development Program)  and TMDP (Triputra Manager Development Program). These programs taught the participants about how to handle people to promote a more collaborative workplace and increase productivity. Executive presentation skills, habitudes and strategic management skills are also part of the series.