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Problems We Solve - ELAvate Global

Problems We Solve

What Keeps You Up at Night?

Every organization has unique business problems. Still, after our forty years in corporate training and consulting, we have distilled thousands of unique problems into eight definitive issues for today’s organizations:

Developing Leaders

Are Employees Uninspired, Uncommitted and Disengaged?

In a quickly changing world, sometimes for the worse, it’s an unsurprising scene: Employees who ask no thoughtful questions, offer no constructive ideas, know nothing of strategy, resist needed change, complain, and count the hours till 5:00.

If this in any way describes your workforce, your natural next thought might be, “We’ve got an employee problem.”

And you might be totally wrong.

Performance issues like these are more likely a leadership problem, specifically a lack of the leadership qualities necessary to engage and motivate employees.

Competent Leaders Inspire Performance

It’s no secret, really: The key to motivating employees is developing your leaders. Competent leaders leverage their existing skills and hone needed new ones by:

  • Recognizing their own strengths and liabilities
  • Mastering the skills and concepts to address new realities
  • Developing and leveraging the strengths of employees
  • Demonstrating leadership qualities that inspire performance

Competent leaders engage employees by helping them connect with colleagues, demonstrate new competencies, and earn the right to make creative contributions to a shared enterprise.

Developing Leadership Qualities

ELAvate has developed leaders in organizations of all sizes all across Asia. We understand the challenges your leaders face and the skills and attitudes they need to inspire your workforce.

Responding to Competition

Is Your Competition Getting the Best of You?

You can’t quite pinpoint the problem. You do know that:

  • Competition is stiff
  • Revenue is down
  • Employees are struggling
  • Sales quotas look like the Himalayas
  • Customers are defecting in droves
  • Quick fixes just don’t work

Symptoms like these make it hard to identify a single root cause. The fact is, failure to match withering competition typically points to a failure of sales and/or leadership.

How to Outflank Your Competition

To win against brutal competition, your workforce needs to connect in new ways – with each other and with your customers. Your leaders need to inspire fresh energy and efficiencies at every level, for a lean, mean company prepared to beat the best. And you need employees unafraid to offer, and ready to execute, new ideas. In short, you may need to:

  • Improve your sales approach
  • Stimulate and shape innovation
  • Retool the customer’s experience
  • Streamline communication up, down, across, and with customers

Solutions for Beating Your Competition

Don’t let your competition take the prize. Call ELAvate. Our broad solution suite will help you hone your competitive edge.

Managing Change

Managing Change Means Finding the Change Capability in Every Associate

You know their names – once-proud companies apparently incapable of managing change, their medical reports if not their obituaries in the business section. And you know their opposites – thriving companies that foresee and expertly respond to changing business conditions.

Recognizing Change is a Problem

To succeed in today’s shifting markets, we must first accept the inevitability of change. Only then can we recognize the symptoms of a failure to manage change, including:

  • Mass confusion about new directions, priorities or goals
  • Widespread longing for some “golden age” of the past
  • Leaders unable to cope with shifting demands
  • Poor alignment across internal boundaries
  • Dissatisfied customers and languishing sales

Managing Change by Activating Change Capability

Yet “managing change” is a misleading term. It implies that leaders alone control events. In fact, no change succeeds without support from employees. But leaders can play a central role – with the right knowledge and skills – by activating the change capability in all employees, even in those who wait or hope for failure.

To activate change capability, leaders help employees co-own the constant, overlapping changes of modern business life. Specifically, they:

  • Expand employee awareness of business realities
  • Spotlight the benefits and successes of ongoing change
  • Embrace needed experimentation
  • Encourage the involvement of every employee

When leaders do their part, employees can do theirs by learning about the change, getting actively involved, and standing their ground with skeptics and detractors.

Our Clients Are Effectively Managing Change

If enduring change capability would boost your business performance, call ELAvate. Our customers are successfully activating change. You can, too.

Driving Sales Growth

How Do You Increase Sales By Not Focusing on Sales?

The good news: You’ve got quality products at a competitive price. And the bad? Your sales are headed south, and any attempt to increase sales with short-term contests or initiatives can jeopardize long-term revenue growth.

But are you looking for answers in the wrong place – in your sales force instead of your leadership and customer service? Your real problem may be your customer’s experience. After all, a superb experience drives loyalty and long-term growth.

Increase Sales With a Stellar Customer Experience

Of course your salespeople need impeccable core skills – territory, relationship, and sales-call management. We can certainly help with that. But steady sales growth depends equally on a stellar customer experience, and that starts at the top. Your leaders need the skills and understanding to engage employees, to inspire a true service culture, to unite sales and service in building customer relationships that increase sales.

Not every leader connects with employees at this deeper level. Not every sales or service associate pinpoints and satisfies critical customer needs. But – as we’ve proven in thousands of companies worldwide – they can learn.

An Indirect Approach Can Bring Direct Gains

Whether or not you’re hitting your quotas, it may be time to reap the rewards of deep employee engagement and long-term customer loyalty. Over the years, ELAvate has helped companies worldwide increase sales through improved sales, leadershiptalent management, and customer service. Let us help you create the kind of experience that turns indifferent customers into loyal evangelists.

Improving Morale, Engagement and Productivity

Organizational Success Depends Upon People

Disgruntled, disengaged, unproductive employees – now that is a serious business problem. But it may not be an employee problem. In fact, disaffected employees are often a disguised leadership problem.

Enlightened Leadership Fuels Employee Satisfaction

Over the decades, thousands of our clients have invigorated workforce morale and productivity by developing their leaders. While too many managers rely on the carrot and/or stick – rewards or punishment – effective leaders improve employee satisfaction by helping every employee reach his or her potential.

ELAvate leadership training prepares your leaders to:

  • Structure a workplace that encourages and supports individual initiative,
  • Build daily collaboration among team members, whether co-located or far-flung,
  • Find and leverage the hidden talents of diverse team members,
  • Collaborate productively across organizational boundaries,
  • Create line of sight, so everyone sees his or her role in the collective effort.

These and other key skills bring a dual payoff – the chicken and the egg – of increased productivity united with soaring employee morale.

Employee Satisfaction Fuels Success

It’s a fact. Fully engaged employees are productive employees. If morale is a problem in your organization, we can help. ELAvate training has improved leadership – and employee satisfaction – for organizations worldwide. Give us a call today.

Creating an Innovative Culture

A Changing Business Climate Demands Leadership and Innovation

A few quick questions about your organization today:

  • Does an “us-versus-them” mindset divide leaders and associates?
  • Does fear of failure paralyze creative action?
  • Does a narrow organizational structure stifle employee engagement?
  • Does the past overshadow anything new?

If so, then it’s no surprise that you’re wondering how to create a culture of innovation.

Thriving Companies Know How to Change

Enlightened leadership and innovation – and they always go together – are hallmarks of today’s most successful organizations.  Only skilled leaders can surface the often dormant capacity of every associate to offer and execute workable new ideas. Only skilled leaders can forge a nimble, cohesive workforce that foresees and makes the most of shifting market demands.

Your Organization Tomorrow!

The fact is, leaders can learn – and teach others – to embrace innovation and the change it always brings.  Should you choose this path, your culture may one day look like that of an industry leader:

  • A workforce that expects and embraces new ways to work.
  • A workplace that pioneers ideas quickly and efficiently.
  • A contagious multi-level flow of communication and energy.
  • A genuine love of practical new ideas for meeting customer needs.
  • A leadership team that learns from each other and from its staff.
  • A culture that measures risk and builds on outcomes, good or otherwise.

Innovative Cultures Are Made

But such a culture must be carefully built and more carefully tended by your leaders. Only they can set the tone and make every associate a partner in innovation. Only they can inspire ideas and efforts unknown in a static culture. And only they can give you a realistic shot at becoming an industry leader.

If you’re ready to make a commitment to leadership and innovation, call ELAvate.

Responding to Globalization

Globalization Can Bring Rewards. But at What Cost?

Yes, business globalization is worth a look – with both eyes wide open.

Can Business Globalization Alter Your Company’s Identity?

Of course it can. Expanding a once close-knit workforce leaves your core culture at risk. Your leaders, for example, may struggle to connect with far-flung employees, who in turn struggle to implement your global vision. Local operations may abandon a successful sales approach or remake service in their own image. So, ultimately, you may lose short-term gains to a long-term identity crisis.

Globalizing Your Culture with International Training

Preserving your culture during business globalization takes focused international training. A unified curriculum, delivered locally, helps globalize your values, methods, and vision – from St. Louis to Sao Paulo, Boston to Beijing. Focused training can globalize your distinctive approach to salesleadership or service. In this way, consistent international training extends your culture to drive business and build customer loyalty, which together can realize the promise of business globalization.

If you’re wrestling with business globalization, remember that truly global training can instill your core values in a worldwide workforce. With our partners, ELAvate has delivered international training and workforce development for close to two decades. Contact us today.

Managing the Customer Experience

Sales Slipping? Repeat Business Not Repeating?

Sales are suffering. Referrals are dropping. And people talk about your company – but not in a good way. If any of this sounds familiar – and you’ve got a great product at a fair price – you may need to focus on improving customer satisfaction.

Employees Inspire Customer Loyalty

The research is in. Lots of it: companies that meet real customer needs – both business and human needs – continue to thrive in a listless market. The fact is, most customers don’t buy from a company. They buy from the people in that company. Beyond brand image and advertising, the customer’s experience with human beings – at the counter, on the phone – truly drives customer loyalty.

Improving Customer Satisfaction at Every Point of Contact

Managing the customer experience involves every point of human contact, every defining moment – whether positive, neutral, or negative – with your employees. Mapping and analyzing these moments can help you dazzle every customer to promote long-term loyalty.

Great Customer Service Can Be Taught

Focused customer-service training is a proven tool for improving customer satisfaction. The right training and skill application support can help your employees:

  • Ensure retention
  • Build your reputation
  • Encourage referrals
  • Drive revenue

If you’re serious about improving customer satisfaction, call ELAvate. Over the years, we’ve helped our clients create experiences that ramp up revenue through long-term customer loyalty.

Solving Business Problems for Companies Like Yours

Employees buried in tactical problems don’t often have the time to solve big-picture business issues. We do. Our people, experience, research, and methods can help you improve performance at every organizational level.

Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

As your market evolves, so do your business issues. Today, employees may struggle with productivity. Tomorrow, they may struggle with change. Our goal is to earn your long-term trust with world-class training and consulting solutions to help you solve these changing business problems.

Proven Solutions for Success

For decades, our Fortune Global 500 and Financial Times Global 500 clients have used our solutions to address their business issues. How about you? Isn’t it time for a good night’s sleep?