What We Do

People Development

ELAvate collaborates with organizations to attract, retain, train and grow their leaders to achieve world class competence, attitude and success. Every organization in Asia is short of leaders, those that have potential as well as those that need to grow beyond their past levels of success.

We actively work with corporate leaders to craft and align their people development plans and projects to achieve their strategy through effective leadership.

ELAvate works with companies to grow these kinds of leaders:

Young High Potential Leaders that have some knowledge and good attitude but need to grow in skill, competence and experience.

Experienced Leaders who are ready to be promoted or groomed for more challenging positions in your organization.

CXO Leaders who can be coached and groomed to take their company and people to the regional or global marketplace. These leaders usually require a more senior consultant who has the maturity and experience to assist the CXO’s to new levels of significance.

Sales Performance Leaders who may be sales people who ethically influence clients to win-win solutions in the B2B or B2C environments, or, even more importantly, training and developing Sales Managers as coaches that inspire performance and nurture development.

Customer Loyalty Leaders can make or break an organization’s long term survival. Whether it is on the retail floor or in a BPO/Call Center, ELAvate has training and processes that can help your service people be a superior competitive advantage.

Talent Management strategies and processes are crucial to retain and grow the leaders in your organization. Tight and competitive job markets mean world class leadership talent is at a premium and continually in the focus of head hunters and competitors. ELAvate works with organizations to craft and implement strategies that enhance loyalty and reduce costly employee turnover.

How We Do It

Our leadership development process at ELAvate have been honed in Asia over the past 30 years. We have learned by working with well over 1,000 organizations across Asia in both for profit and non-profit sectors, multinational and joint venture, or large local conglomerates. This process starts with Assess, moves to Train, supported by Reinforce/Coach, confirmed through Measurement and is improved through Fine Tuning. The Rainbow Chart below maps out our process to grow World Class Asian Leaders.


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