Strategy Mapping

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Strategy Mapping

Financial reporting systems provided no foundation for measuring and managing the value created by enhancing the capabilities of an organization’s intangible assets.

Without an improved performance measurement system, executives would not develop and mobilize their intangible assets effectively, and thereby forfeit major opportunities for value creation.

The purpose of this workshop is to facilitate the Strategy Mapping developed by the senior team of the organization to achieve their Vision and Mission.

Strategy Map is a technique for helping an organization clearly define – and communicate – the causal links among different components of its strategy. It involves reducing strategic complexity to a core set of key outcomes and drivers that are graphically represented to show how they causally relate one to another.


A Strategy Map is used to help an organization:

  • Align the organization leaders around a single interpretation of the strategy
  • Communicate the strategy to employees
  • Identify leading indicators of strategic success
  • Validate and test assumptions about what core capabilities that drive bottom-line performance
  • Structure a core set of strategic performance metrics
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