Selling in a Competitive World

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Competition is fierce. To become a trusted business advisor to your customers, you must learn to use sales skills as a strategic asset against the competition.

Consisting of advanced selling techniques, this program equips participants with the ability to use The Competitive Selling Process as a strategic asset. Participants learn to use this continuous process of analysis and execution to assess their competitive position and then apply that information within customer conversations.

Your salespeople will:

  • Increase their ability to succeed in competitive situations by using analysis and sales skills in a more strategic fashion
  • Shorten sales cycles by using the information and resources at their disposal to represent the full capabilities they bring to a customer situation, highlighting competitive advantage more quickly and clearly
  • Decrease occurrences of losing business to indirect competitors (for example, internal projects, competing priorities)

Your customers will:

  • View your salespeople as Trusted Advisors who understand their business and the challenges they encounter
  • Increase ability to differentiate among competing proposals and more quickly come to decisions and commence implementation/use
  • Make more informed decisions that hinge on how proposed solutions will progress core goals

Your organization will:

  • Protect market share in a crowded marketplace
  • Realize efficiencies in cost of sales (shorter sales cycles, better return on sales investments through improved win ratios)
  • Leverage marketing, product development, and other investments by integrating them into sales activities and communications
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