Professional Selling Skills (PSS) 6

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Top sales professionals know that their success is predicated on their customers. That focusing on the customers’ success is the only sure path to ELAvate long term sales success.

Professional Selling Skills ® reflects the skills used by world-class sales professionals to help customers succeed, by understanding their needs and consistently developing solutions that deliver results.

Reinforcement and Coaching Components Support Sales Success

Building on the selling skills and strategies that have benefited more than 3 million sales professionals around the world, the Professional Selling Skills ® 2-day classroom experience is supported by components to ensure mastery of the skills.

Professional Selling Skills ® includes easy-to-use online reinforcement tools and a coaching component for sales managers to help participants effectively and consistently apply the skills that improve sales performance.

Research Based Content Drives Expertise

Professional Selling Skills ® is based on extensive and ongoing research into the skills salespeople need to excel in their increasingly challenging and complex role. A recent MHI Research Institute study highlighted the critical role that the skills in this program play in developing world-class salespeople – those who excel at quota achievement, new business development, and growth of existing accounts.

Benefits of Professional Selling Skills ®

Your Salespeople will:

  • build their ability to engage customers fully during sales calls
  • gain the critical skills to develop solid business relationships while improving sales performance
  • improve their selling ability and become world-class sales professionals
  • acquire critical skills efficiently through learner-focused activities

Customers will profit from:

  • lasting relationships with salespeople who understand their business reality
  • products that address their specific organizational and personal needs
  • buying decisions that are based on fact, not high-pressure sales tactics

Organization will experience:

  • increased success in winning new business and building customer loyalty
  • decreased costs by helping salespeople better judge account potential and use selling time more efficiently
  • a common language for your sales team that leads to improved communication and teamwork
  • reduced turnover by providing salespeople with direction, support, and professional development

Make your Salespeople World Class Today!

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