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Professional Sales Negotiations

Professional Sales Negotiations

Top salespeople know that no matter what the marketplace, successful negotiations are those where everyone wins—the customer, the organization, and themselves.

Gaining customer commitment to a profitable business partnership … that’s the ultimate goal of every interaction between your salespeople and your customers. But in today’s marketplace, securing customer commitment is more challenging than ever before.

Increasing competition and escalating customer demands make it difficult for salespeople to gain acceptance of an initial sales proposal. More often than not, the salesperson is expected to negotiate or risk losing the business.

Your salespeople will:

  • Improve their sales performance by refining their ability in a critical selling
  • Experience more confidence in handling challenging negotiations.
  • Feel a greater sense of control during negotiating sessions.
  • Experience stronger salesperson/customer relationships by ensuring that the customer benefits.

Your customers will enjoy:

  • Negotiating with salespeople interested in reaching a mutually beneficial agreement, not just a sale.
  • Reaching agreements that are compatible with their organizations’ needs and goals.
  • Staying up-to-date on all the details and commitments of new agreements and the steps needed to finalize them.

Your organization will experience:

  • Increased profits from giving your salespeople the know-how to negotiate for your organization’s profitability, not just to close the sale.
  • Shortened sales cycles by helping salespeople consider potential solutions before meeting with customers.
  • An enhanced image and stronger ties with customers by showing your salespeople how to negotiate agreements with customers’ best interests in mind.