Professional Prospecting Skills

Professional Sales Negotiation Training Program

Professional Prospecting Skills™ helps salespeople become successful at prospecting by approaching it as a process rather than ‘cold calling.’

For those in a business-to-business sales role, Professional Prospecting Skills ™ equips participants with the processes and skills needed to efficiently and effectively initiate new business relationships through prospecting. Specifically, participants will learn a three-phase approach to prospecting—Prepare, Contact, and Assess—as well as skills, tips, and techniques that ensure effectiveness in each phase.

Your salespeople will:

  • Increase revenues by gaining more appointments with the right people in client organizations.
  • Save time by productively applying efficient research to their prospecting efforts.
  • Engage potential clients in a way that sets the stage for future long-term business relationships.

Your customers will:

  • Benefit from prepared calls and a more systematic approach to communication.
  • Eliminate the time wasted with unprepared sales professionals.

Your organization will:

  • Recognize more consistent revenue streams as salespeople improve the balance between account maintenance and business development.
  • Increase in productivity through improved targeting of resources and investment.
  • Improve market position through an increase in new business acquisition.
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