Presentation Skills

Dr. John Maxwell says it well “Leadership is Influence, nothing more, nothing less.”

When you present well you are practicing leadership to positively influence your audience to your point of view, persuade them to use the information you give them, or move them to action.

In fact, giving an impactful presentation is leadership of multiplication. You multiply your influence and persuasion when you present well to an audience.

This highly interactive ELAvate Presentation Skills workshop will raise your presentation and public speaking skills to a higher, more influential level. The whole process enables you to learn a number of effective presentation skills through self-discovery, presentation practices, on the spot coaching and feedback, self-analysis, and learning creative options for presenting well in real life situations.

We have three versions for this ELAvate Presentation Skills program — Platinum, Gold and Silver:





2 days

2 days

1 day

Platform Skills that Deliver Impact!

Presentation Enhancements

Organize Your Message

Analyze Your Audience

You are the Driver, the Audience the Passengers!

The 21 Influential Laws of Presentations

Creating and Presenting Visuals

Virtual Presentations

Interacting with the Audience

Presentation Practices Opportunity

Post Session Learning Labs


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