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New Training Solutions - ELAvate Global

New Training Solutions

Needs Based Coaching Series™

When leaders are empowered to tap into the internal—rather than external—motivation of employees, sustainable engagement and performance are the result. ELAvate Singapore’s research-based Needs-Based Coaching™ Series is designed to harness potential, boost morale, energize productivity, and increase employee engagement. The series provides a coaching framework and key actions that support the internal motivation of employees and maximize the performance of work groups.

The Needs-Based Coaching™ Series consists of four stand-alone modules:

Shaping a Motivational Workplace™

Leaders learn to create an environment that inspires superior performance by helping employees, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, culture, or life experiences, satisfy their three basic psychological needs: Competence, Relatedness, Autonomy.

Giving Needs-Based Feedback™

While a leader’s every action affects motivation, few conversations are as vital as giving feedback to align an employee’s actions with group and organizational needs. In this module, leaders learn to give feedback that supports employees’ internal motivation to deliver organizational results.

Realizing Talent in Others™

Employees have latent talents and existing skills we often fail to leverage. To realize untapped potential and achieve business outcomes, this module helps leaders match the employee’s natural need to demonstrate competence with the organization’s need to succeed.

Offering Rewards and Recognition™

When leaders recognize and reward employee efforts to satisfy these needs, they tap the power of internal motivation. This module helps leaders use rewards effectively and apply a simple process for offering recognition. The payoff of these skills is improved employee engagement, performance, and results.

If you are seeking a training program that offers results, expertise, and customized training, contact ELAvate. We look forward to helping you determine the best training option for your organization’s needs.

The Customer Experience Series™

To help organizations improve performance and differentiate themselves through outstanding service, ELAvate’s Customer Experience Series (CXSeries) is an all-inclusive blended solution that hones key skills that associates need to own their customers’ experience. Designed for associates who interact with customers, CXSeries supports both formal learning in the classroom and continued informal learning in the workplace. The series provides a framework and techniques for managing customer interactions so that every interaction brings value for the customer and has a positive impact on the success of the organization.

The Customer Experience Series™ consists of five 90 minute sessions:

Owning the Customer Experience 1 and 2

These two sessions lay out the overall framework for CXSeries and help learners define their role in creating positive customer experiences. As learners explore practical skills and concepts, they see how individual effort supports team and organizational success.

Meeting Business Needs

Meeting Business Needs (MBN) helps employees guide conversations that clarify and satisfy each customer’s key business needs. Here participants improve their ability to manage the four parts of a business conversation: open, learn, reply, and close. When associates efficiently meet customers’ business needs, the payoff is the creation of loyal promoters who help grow your business.

Meeting Human Needs

You own the customer experience when every interaction leaves the customer feeling valued and confident in your expertise. Customers feel that way when their business and human needs are met. This session focuses on the range of human needs, the importance of emotional effort, and the key skills to master ways to read and meet every customer’s need for respect, understanding, and individual attention.

Managing Difficult Conversations

Studies show that if we can turn a negative into a positive defining moment, loyalty often returns stronger than ever. Managing Difficult Conversations helps employees apply new skills to defuse the tension, resolve the issue, and restore the trust of unhappy customers.

If you are seeking a training program that offers results, expertise, and customized training, contact ELAvate. We look forward to helping you determine the best training option for your organization’s needs.