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Accelerating Team Productivity | Leadership Training | ELAvate

Accelerating Team Productivity

Accelerating Team Productivity

Today’s teams are expected to produce more than ever before, faster than ever before.

Leaders are faced with the dilemma of developing enhanced team productivity along faster and faster timelines. As a result, this workshop is designed to help leaders focus teams on key results and outputs, build energy and momentum toward achieving goals, negotiate on their team’s behalf, and handle difficult dynamics within a team that impact performance.

Module 1: Building Team Pride and Purpose

This module provides team leaders with the principles and skills that instill high degrees of pride and purpose in their teams. It explores today’s workplace challenges and the need for accelerating performance through teamwork.

Participants in this program will learn how to:

  • Provide a context for collaboration
  • Review the team’s goals
  • Highlight team strengths and accomplishments
  • Generate ideas for meeting goals
  • Agree on strategies to move forward
  • Provide ongoing support

Module 2: Developing Team Agility: Day-to-Day Tools

This module focuses on the strategies team leaders can use and actions they can take to build high levels of team agility: quickness, flexibility, and adaptability.

Participants focus on three agility areas to help accomplish this:

Focusing Team Effort

  • Setting Team Boundaries
  • Establishing Ground Rules
  • Measuring Your Team’s Contribution
  • Clarifying Team Roles and Responsibilities
  • Quick Start Survey

Learning Just-in-Time

  • Learning from Mistakes
  • Recognizing What’s Going Well
  • Developing a Hand-off Plan
  • Status Check Meeting
  • Team Self-Evaluation
  • Peer Coaching
  • Best practice networking

Staying Informed

  • Senior Management Message
  • Contracting with Your Sponsor or Champion
  • Customer Dialogue
  • What’s the Latest

Module 3: Resolving Conflicts Within Your Team

This module focuses on handling tricky situations that often develop among and between team members. It provides the skills and tools for team leaders to intervene directly or to support team members in addressing these situations on their own.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the issue
  • State the impact on results
  • Invite an open exchange of reactions
  • Invite suggestions for ways to proceed
  • Gain agreement on next steps

Module 4: Negotiating Resources for Your Team

This module provides participants with the negotiating skills they need to secure resources for their teams. Further, participants learn to negotiate solutions that work for all parties involved.

At the end of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the need and its merits
  • Explore the other person’s viewpoint
  • Summarize mutual benefits
  • Explore multiple options
  • Agree on next steps
  • Follow up with all involved