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Leadership Training - ELAvate Global- Corporate leadership program

Leadership Training

Equipping Leaders with training for the 21st Century

Today’s business leaders face unprecedented business issues, due to an increasingly complex, diverse, and rapidly changing global economy. Shifting perceptions of the skills required for leadership in the 21st century, demands new and innovative training methods; programs that adequately prepare leaders for the key roles they will play in supporting their organizations’ success. Below are some of the leadership training services that we offer to help develop you and your organisation.

Leadership Training Services

The Six Key Leadership Zones

ELAvate’s Corporate Leadership Development program offers today’s leaders comprehensive training and mastery in the Six Key Leadership Zones, which form the foundation of modern business success. These fundamental components of functional leadership consist of the following areas of business acumen:

  • Reflection
  • Society
  • Diversity
  • Ingenuity
  • People
  • Business
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Customized Learning Solutions

We thoroughly address each Key Leadership Zone in our various customized Leadership  training solutions. From classroom learning to online learning in a variety of formats, our flexible programs offer a high-quality learning experience that is perfectly suited to your organization’s needs. Whether you prefer in-person or online learning delivery, our courses provide the skills and insights your employees need to master the challenges of the modern workplace. Our expert trainers equip your leadership candidates to help their teams excel, thus enabling them to skilfully foster a collaborative atmosphere in which your business can thrive.

Our World-Class Reputation

ELAvate enjoys a well-earned reputation as a respected leader in the field of corporate leadership training and multi-cultural leadership training. Our record of successful collaboration with client organizations, makes us a widely trusted source of business guidance and educational development for companies that seek to move their businesses forward into a vibrant future.

The ELAvate Difference

Key characteristics that distinguish our Leadership Training programs include the following:

  • Adaptability to the unique needs of your organization.
  • Suitability to a wide variety of industries.
  • Relevance to local ethnic and cultural identity.
  • Sensitivity to your company’s internal business culture.
  • Flexibility of learning options, including; traditional classroom instruction, online instruction via virtual classrooms or individual eLearning.
  • The Learning Formula: which systematically guides students through the stages of; initial commitment, current performance assessment, new knowledge acquisition, and practical development, finishing up with a thorough application of the principles learned.
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If you are seeking a Leadership Training program that offers; flexibility, expertise, and customized training. One that is offered by a recognized leader in its field, contact ELAvate. We look forward to helping you determine the best corporate leadership development option for your organization’s needs.