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Owning the Customer Experience | Training | ELAvate Global

Owning the Customer Experience

Every customer encounter sets the tone for all future interactions. In fact, the quality of that first encounter determines the success or failure of any future ones. That’s why you can’t afford to leave the customer experience to chance. You must intentionally craft it with insight, skill, and purpose.

What does it mean to Own the Customer Experience? A number of qualities characterize the Customer Relationship Process.

Owning the Customer Experience is…

  • Relational: It grows out of a keen understanding of the building blocks that form a high-quality employee-customer dynamic.
  • Purposeful: It starts with knowing the client’s expectations and setting out with the determination to fulfill, if not surpass, them.
  • Holistic: It isn’t a collection of unrelated interactions but a carefully crafted whole build from lasting impressions and positive perceptions that inspire growing trust.
  • Strategic: It stems from sound planning by knowledgeable leaders who are thoroughly equipped to communicate their well-formed plans to the people responsible for carrying them out.
  • Proactive: It doesn’t wait for things to happen but drives the right actions at the appropriate times, applying known principles that help guide the experience according to plan.
  • Team-based: It sends every member of the organization forth fully prepared to play the unique role that only he or she can fill as you orchestrate your customer’s encounter with your brand.
  • Learned: Successful organizations plan for the development of their teams, giving them all the knowledge resources they need to thoroughly master the Customer Relationship Process. They understand that Owning the Customer Experience is an acquired skill.

Developing the Skills Needed to Own the Customer Experience

At ELAvate, we provide the targeted training your employees need to master the Customer Relationship Process. From your front-line sales and customer service teams and the leaders whose guidance they depend on to inspire and equip their performance, to the support people who work behind the scenes to provide the indispensable services that help make it all possible, we help you ensure that each human link in the Customer Relationship chain is strong and functioning as it should be.

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