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Leading for Stellar Service | Training | ELAvate Global

Leading for Stellar Service

Leading for Stellar Service

Ask yourself: What will differentiate my organization and ensure the highest return on investment?

Of course, increased efficiency, speed, and price are vital—but they are advantages your competitors may be able to match. What you need to do is thoughtfully analyze the customer experience—from your customer’s perspective—to identify and improve those defining moments most important to them.

Determine what actions you can undertake that will have the biggest impact on customer emotional response. Call it “bang for the buck” or “alignment” or “problem solving,” but it really is just customer service improvement done systemically and systematically.

Leading for Stellar Service® is the organizational workshop of the Achieving Stellar Service® Experiences system. This is not customer service skills training for senior- and mid-level managers. This workshop helps senior- and mid-level managers translate your organization’s service brand strategy into actual plans, tools and standards. They come back to work committed and better equipped to direct resources (human, financial, policies, and systems) to yield the greatest return as measured by increased customer and employee retention, more revenue from existing ustomers, additional referrals of new customers, and an improved reputation in the marketplace.


Leading for Stellar Service® capitalizes on everything AchieveGlobal has learned about product design, learning methodology, technology, senior-level audience needs, market evolution, global adaptation, and systemic thinking.

During the workshop, participants will take part in

  • engaging individual and group activities,
  • partner discussions,
  • video demonstrations, and
  • large group discussions

Much of the learning occurs when participants are immersed into an in-depth business simulation, becoming managers of an imaginary company facing real-life challenges. They have fun as they gain familiarity and confidence with the new concepts and tools. Participants immediately begin to apply the tools during the training itself, using data they gathered from employee and customer surveys assigned as prework.

Senior- and mid-level managers leave the workshop with tools, discussion guides, and supplemental reading to help them continue learning and applying the tools while sharing what they’ve learned with others in their department or company.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide strategies and tools for creating the systems and an environment that will allow your employees to deliver stellar experiences that result in customer loyalty. Participants will be able to:

  • Apply key concepts that form the foundation for stellar service.
  • Create a service commitment that serves as the framework for all service actions, decisions, and standards.
  • Use customer feedback to create a Customer Experience Roadmap, and then redesign the interaction to align with the service commitment.
  • Create a service culture and service standards in areas that matter to customers.
  • Prepare to apply the tools on the job with subordinates.