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Creating Stellar Customer Relations | Training | ELAvate

Creating Stellar Customer Relations

Creating Stellar Customer Relations

Strong customer relationships are essential to success in business today.

And because customers—external and internal—actually want to be loyal to deserving organizations, such relationships hinge on the behavior of your service providers.

Creating Stellar Customer Relations® is the foundational workshop of the Achieving Stellar Service® Experiences system. This workshop instills behaviors for acknowledging and responding appropriately to a customer’s human needs—behaviors that often make the difference between losing a customer and keeping one for a lifetime. It was inspired by its predecessor, Achieving Extraordinary Customer Relations™, a program that, over the years, positively impacted millions of participants in leading organizations around the world.

During the workshop, participants will take part in a variety of engaging individual and group activities, partner discussions, video demonstrations, role plays, and large-group discussions. They have fun as they gain familiarity and confidence with the new concepts and skills. All of the modules listed below are also available as 90-minute eLearning options.

Module 1: Reaching for Stellar Service®

The purpose of this module is to explore the value of stellar service and the role of the service provider in achieving it. Participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the benefits of customer loyalty to the service provider, the organization, and customers.
  • Find and take advantage of key defining moments in customer interactions.
  • Identify and discuss the three dimensions of service.
  • Describe and apply four key qualities that customers— both external and internal—expect from stellar service.
  • Use the four key service qualities to evaluate and improve the service they deliver.

Module 2: Caring for Customers®

The purpose of this module is to help service providers develop skills for delivering friendly, attentive service that demonstrates interest in and care for customers on a human level. Participants will be able to:

  • Explain why meeting customers’ human needs is essential to their success as service providers.
  • Apply three skills that demonstrate their interest in and concern for customers.
  • Use four caring responses that communicate the customer’s value to your organization.

Module 3: Healing Customer Relationships®

The purpose of this module is to develop skills that will help service providers serve customers who are concerned, angry, or upset after a service breakdown. Participants will learn:

  • Explain why it is important for organizations to heal relationships with customers who are frustrated or angry.
  • Apply four guidelines for effectively restoring customer trust and confidence.
  • Explore common reactions to customer service breakdowns.
  • Manage their own reactions to emotional statements from customers.
  • Use defusing techniques with customers who are angry or upset.
  • Take appropriate actions to address and resolve customers’ concerns satisfactorily.
  • Demonstrate commitment to the customer relationship and encourage customers to remain loyal.

Module 4: Dazzling Your Customers®

The purpose of this module is to enhance the ability of service providers to make customers feel special and valued, thereby creating experiences so surprisingly positive and memorable that customers will tell others about them, and will want to sustain and build their relationships with the organization. Participants will learn:

  • Define dazzling service.
  • Explain how dazzling service contributes to customer loyalty.
  • Recognize opportunities for delivering dazzling service in challenging and routine interactions.
  • Generate a variety of options for delivering dazzling service to their customers.
  • Select dazzling actions that are appropriate and meaningful to individual customers.
  • Offer dazzling actions in a way that builds rapport and creates positive defining moments.