The Crux of Selling in a Vexing World: The Need for Perspective

PSS 6 Crux of Selling White Paper | Sales Training | ELAvate SingaporeWho could have guessed 10 years ago that selling would become even more difficult?

Customers will no longer tolerate a rote sales pitch with no connection to their specific needs. But customers will purchase a solution that meets their needs from someone who facilitates collaboration, embraces accountability, and brings a compelling perspective.

The overall dynamic between salesperson and customer has changed. What once worked to convert leads into sales now requires more sophistication and awareness.

But what exactly separates those who succeed from those who don’t in the maelstrom of today’s selling environment? That question is a central focus for the MHI Research Institute and its comprehensive ongoing study of complex business-to-business selling and related sales management practices.

Drawing from that research, this point-of-view paper isolates the bedrock attributes and skills of today’s truly professional salespeople.

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