The 2015 Sales Best Practices Study Executive Summary

Decoding the Decision Dynamic: Influencing Business Buyers

2015-MHI-Sales-Best-Practices-Study-CoverNow in its 12th year, the MHI Sales Best Practices Study captures and measures the behaviors, attributes and performance of World-Class Sales Performers, providing a foundation for benchmarking organizations against World-Class Sales Performers and other data segments including industries, geographies and sales roles.

This study engaged respondents ranging from account managers to high-level executives from around the world with the objective of analyzing the behaviors of complex, B2B sales organizations to determine the activities that have the greatest significance for achieving World-Class Sales Performance.

The research shows that World-Class Sales Team have outperformed all others by an average of 20 percent against these key metrics over the last four years.

What are the behaviors and best practices that make up a World Class Sales Team?  Discover the study results by downloading the Executive Summary! You will get insights on the behaviors and attributes that drive World-Class Sales Performance and ELAvate your sales success.

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