#SalesResearch: Prospecting – Best Practices for New Business Acquisition

Prospecting – Best Practices for New Business Acquisition | Sales Performance | ELAvate Singapore

AchieveGlobal recently completed a global, two-year study on the challenges facing today’s sales organizations. One common theme emerged in this study time and time again: The urgent need to generate new business more proactively. Sales leaders around the world agreed that although there may have been a time when salespeople could succeed operating as passive and efficient order-takers, this is clearly no longer a viable role. Customers today are more informed, selective, and demanding than ever before. In order to successfully compete for the business of customers who have options, top performing salespeople should no longer count on the fact that their customers will always remain their customers. Success, by today’s standards, demands that you proactively build new relationships—and nowhere is there greater opportunity to generate new business proactively than through a professional approach to prospecting.

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