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The business climate in the United States at the turn of the 21st century will undoubtedly be classified as a time of great challenge. During this period the economic prosperity of the 1990s evaporated before our eyes. In place came daily headlines and nonstop 24-hour cable newscasts focused on the impact of terrorism in America, accounting scandal after accounting scandal, fluctuating stock values, workforce downsizing (or right sizing, depending on your perspective), and debates on whether or not the United States experienced an economic recession. The President of the United States referred to this period as a “hangover” from the 1990s.

Yet, in spite of the media’s bombardment of news stories on terrorist threats and corporate scandals, Americans continue to focus on core business issues. Traditional issues such as improving productivity, keeping and recruiting top talent, and confronting competition remained top concerns for many organizations.

The objective of this research paper is to summarize the view of AchieveGlobal as it relates to our understanding of workforce development and the role of community colleges therein.

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