#LeadershipResearch: Getting Real – The Need for Genuine Leaders

Getting Real - The Need for Genuine Leaders | Leadership Development | ELAvate Singapore

The unprecedented upheavals of the last several years have created equally unprecedented challenges for leaders — from supervisors on the factory floor to executives in corporate suites throughout the world. Thanks to tighter budgets and competitive pressures, these men and women must achieve more results — faster — through workforces that are often diminished, unfocused, and demoralized.

And small wonder: during the last several years there has been a litany of bad news from all parts of the world. Global terrorism. Long-festering international disputes that have exploded into violence and out-and-out war. Unsettling geopolitical realignments. Corporate scandals. Economies in trouble. Many organizations have disappeared altogether; those remaining have cut back and dug in.

And what about an organization’s leaders?

To explore what leaders need in order to get results in today’s world, AchieveGlobal conducted a series of research projects. The purpose was to reexamine the foundation of our thinking about leadership and to determine what additional types of training might be necessary to prepare successful leaders in the future.

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