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What it takes to be a successful Strategic Leader?

by Elliot Godsman, ELAvate

With the smorgasbord of leadership theories being studied by practitioners and researchers alike, there is one that always stands out for being at the pinnacle of the field; Strategic Leadership. The term strategic leadership often gets thrown about with a lot of clout. It’s a very impactful term, but what is it?  And how can someone become a Strategic Leader?

The Behaviours of Strategic Leaders

by Elliot Godsman, ELAvate

Our last leadership article looked at the three characteristics of a strategic leader. Those being: charismatic, visionary and transformative. How are these characteristics developed though? And how does a strategic leader know when to use each one? Not all individuals are born great leaders, capable of influencing the masses with their words and actions. So how do individuals learn to become Strategic Leaders?