Optimizing Your Investment in Employee Development

You invest in training to improve the performance of your employees and organization. But will the training stick?

Learning Reinforcement for Enduring Change

Human Resource professionals know that reinforcement multiplies the impact of training. That’s why every ELAvate Vietnam solution includes targeted learning reinforcement tools. After initial training, these tools help your employees hone and confidently apply new skills to produce tangible results.

Learning Reinforcement Aligned with Outcomes

Our learning reinforcement supports the precise behaviors you want in the workplace. Key tools include:

  • Follow-up Skills Practice – Live or live-online skills practice is vital after all formal training, especially e-learning. A facilitator, supervisor, or participant can easily lead these sessions with no special certification. Materials include leader’s guide, handouts, and PowerPoint slides.
  • Application Kits – Thirty-minute live or live-online sessions help learners apply new skills and concepts in the workplace. Leader and learner materials make facilitation easy for a trainer or supervisor with no special certification. Each unique kit contains materials for two or more sessions.
  • Knowledge-Reinforcement Tools – Post-training self-assessments, electronic and printed job aids, and engaging messages and challenges emailed weekly or monthly help your employees keep vital skills and concepts fresh in their minds.

Learning Reinforcement Tools that Match Your World

The self-customizable features of our learning reinforcement tools – for example, rehearsing for an actual coaching conversation – help your employees sharpen new skills and achieve real results by applying them to immediate workplace issues.

The end result? You and your employees realize the payoffs of sustained behavior change.

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