Leadership Training Programs

Your business environment that once got tougher year after year now gets tougher day after day. Surviving in a changing economy and marketplace, working more efficiently, delivering solid customer service, meeting the demands of organizational stakeholders, and maintaining quality control are just a few of the key issues you face. Gaining a competitive advantage in light of these challenges is essential for survival. That’s why your leaders from executives to individual contributors need effective skills to propel your organization to new heights.

These skills can help every employee:

  • Contribute and communicate effectively
  • Feel valued and capable in their jobs
  • Build collaboration, personal initiative, and trust
  • Develop their ability to manage people and projects
  • Understand their role in the big picture of organizational success

The Genuine Leadership ® system provides a systemic approach to leadership development training – one that builds a motivated, loyal workforce capable of reaching new levels of productivity. The system develops leaders from executives to individual contributors and teaches the critical skills needed to ensure success.

ELAvate Vietnam approaches the organization at four management levels, each requiring their own unique development needs. The levels are then divided into skill areas, with each containing one or more leadership development training modules.


Executives DEFINE leadership vision

Our executive leadership development programs provide knowledge and skills that are critical to achieving business results. An organization’s success increases when top leaders and employees:

  • Know where the organization is going
  • See a compelling reason for change
  • Understand the benefits to themselves and the organization
  • Express support for using skills learned during leadership development

ELAvate Vietnam’s consultants work with the executive level of your organization to ensure that your leadership training program effectively achieves lasting results — for your customers and for your organization. Because your situation is unique, we tailor our approach, leveraging your strengths and addressing the critical issues.

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Senior managers DIRECT resources to transform the vision to action.

The cornerstone to any solution is to determine what individuals have to do to deliver the result and what it will take to create and sustain those behaviors. Organizations get the behaviors they shape and reinforce – for better or worse. It follows then that leaders at this level can build an environment that creates and reinforces productive behaviors. It’s a role that demands giving attention to translating the strategy to a tactical level, asking and looking for complete answers to the question “why are people doing what they’re currently doing?” Leaders then are able to direct the alignment of processes and systems, and direct the allocation of resources, that will allow employees to deliver results.

Our leadership training programs for senior managers will allow leaders to tie together strategy with tactics and oversight with action.

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Managers DEVELOP others.

It is the responsibility of frontline supervisors and managers to develop the capabilities within the individuals of the organization to execute and implement defined strategy. They teach, coach, reinforce, model, give feedback, empower, recognize, and in all ways lead day-to-day behavioral improvement.

ELAvate Vietnam realizes that today’s managers will become tomorrow’s leaders. Therefore, it is critical to properly train and nurture these candidates for further success. It is no wonder that we are ranked amongst the very best leadership development programs when it comes to developing managerial talent that delivers business results.

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Individual contributors DELIVER organizational results.

Customers get results when individuals do the right things at the right times. People deliver results; it’s just that simple.

Our leadership training programs are not just for managers and supervisors or senior leaders; they are also for frontline personnel who often are the embodiment of an organization to customers. Let us show you how to Own the Customer Experience through a series of positive defining moments.

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