Who We Are

Learning Solutions That Transform Strategy Into Success in Asia

ELAvate is the world’s leader in helping organizations translate business strategy into business results through people. For nearly 20 years,  we have been on the cutting edge of developing learning-based solutions that focus on skill and attitude training and consulting services in Sales Performance, Leadership Development, Teamwork, Customer Loyalty, Presentation Skills and Corporate Performance.

We are a total solution provider, from planning, assessing, implementing, coaching and reinforcement. We use Kirkpatrick model to assist customers in getting measurable behavioral change and bottom line results from ELAvate training and consulting interventions.

Strategy to Results through People

We help you make the connection that moves your organization from strategy to results…through your people. Our consulting services clarify your strategic direction and identify gaps in employee performance. Our skills training fill those gaps in the vital areas of sales performance, customer service, leadership and teamwork.

At ELAvate, we see people as the key to business success. Until people take action, goals and strategies are nothing but words. Results come from individuals, equipped with the right skills, energized to do the right activities at the right time.

How do things get done in an effective, efficient organization? First, business leaders define the result they want to achieve, then ask, “What needs to happen to bring about the result?” The answer, whether simple or complex, is the strategy a carefully devised plan of action to bring about the desired result.

Next, senior leaders and middle managers direct the practices and processes to develop the capability in the individuals, processes and systems to implement the strategy.

Finally, individuals deliver results through productive behaviors. They take appropriate and timely actions supported by knowledge, commitment, and ability and things get done.

ELAvate India

ELAvate India commenced its operations in the year 1998, with offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore and training programs in all metros. Over the last ten years, more than 200 companies have participated in ELAvate India workshops in India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. It has successfully partnered with a mix of Indian as well as multinational companies in their strategy to results through people development initiatives.

ELAvate Indonesia

ELAvate Indonesia established in the year 1992, provides a fully integrated system for implementation of people development initiatives.

With World Class training development deliveries in the Health Care, FMCG, Energy, Banking, Real Estate, Insurance, and other business sectors, ELAvate is here to stay in support of both existing and new clients, and to establish a new standard for learning, skills training, human resource development, and productivity improvement in Asia.