Vision, Mission, Values, Habits


“Be the partner of choice for organizations that develop world class transformational leaders.”


“To equip and inspire young people to be the leaders they have the potential to be as multipliers across Asia Pacific.


Teamwork ensures we deliver excellence. One is too small a number for success. Countability is in our hearts and actions.

High Trust
We are dependable, loyal and accountable to each other. We practice integrity and transparency in all we do.

Self Starter
We know the first person we must lead is ourselves. We take initiatives to make things better. We “fail forward” for continuous improvement.

Serve Others
We are privileged and happy to serve others. We give more than we take.

We are small sprockets who risk, innovate, and implement change that maximize value for all stakeholders.

We are humble and teachable to become better transformational leaders.

We are creative, innovative leaders who develop and implement blended training solutions for our customers that are cutting edge.


“Being better predictors of performance leads to our team success and lower stress.”
“We do not look for blame, but at the causes of problems. We then look at alternatives to fix it, and make a decision to improve our work and happiness.”

“If I concentrate and improve the process, results will easily follow.”

“Because my business is communication, I believe it’s very important that I’m a role model.”

“Learn and do it right the first time, rework drains everybody.”

“We set people up for success, not failure.”

“A little disharmony now leads to greater harmony in the future.”

“Your silence means your agreement.”