Success Stories


BCA has been a long term partner with ELAvate Indonesia since 1997. The Selling Skill for Bankers program is a mandatory class for every Account Officer BCA recruited each year. Selling Skill for Bankers teach the bankers how to be a consultative one rather than transactional which is short term. Promote need satisfaction selling process and even cross selling to boost up the sales.

John Crane

ELAvate Indonesia did Professional Selling Skills class for John Crane Indonesia. Shaping up the way of selling by practicing need satisfaction selling concept, which leads to, trusted advisor. Now the John Crane sales team has the new perspectives on approaching the clients with more consultative style.

KPP Group

KPP Group is our client since 2011. ELAvate Indonesia delivered first training of Supervisory Skills, and then we made training curriculum of Leadership, Service and Assessment for KPP Group from staffs level to Upper Management. This year, training curriculum for KPP Group focus to Hotel Bumi Segah, a KPP Group. We are not only delivering training but also as a consultant, giving consulting to the Hotel Management in order to develop all employees and to give motivation to them in doing daily activities.

Trakindo Utama

Trakindo is the authorized dealer in Indonesia for Caterpillar products, the world’s largest manufacturer of mining, forestry, agriculture and construction equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial engines and generator sets and has been a long term partner with ELAvate Indonesia. We certified their internal trainer for Professional Selling Skills so they can deliver the program for their internal Sales. Besides Sales Training, ELAvate Indonesia also delivers Leadership training for Trakindo Group .

Triputra Group

In order to cultivate world class executives, general managers and managers, Triputra Group as one of the largest conglomerate groups in Indonesia hand in hand with ELAvate Indonesia conducting TEP (Triputra Executive Program), TGMDP (Triputra General Manager Development Program)  and TMDP (Triputra Manager Development Program). These programs taught the participants about how to handle people to promote a more collaborative workplace and increase productivity. Executive presentation skills, habitudes and strategic management skills are also part of the series.